Nanomeeting in Grenoble

Maite, Edvin, Fredrik and I am now at a the European Nanomedicine meeting in Grenoble. Maite and Fredrik presented two posters on encapsulation of tyrosine hydroxylase in maltodextrine nanoparticles, and the results on brain delivery of these. Edvin presented one poster with our latest results on nanoencapsulation of chlorpromazine in liposomes and PLGA nanospheres. Today is the last day, and there has been several interesting talks, given the perspective on the whole process from development of novel nanoparticles to clinical trials. It has been long days, and little time to see the city, but here are some impressions from our way between the hotel and the conference venue.IMAG0330

The train station at Lyon airport


The Grenoble Nano-orchestra


How to carry foods and drinks at a conference


Students looking at buildings


We pray before the meal


Pray, and you shall receive


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