People in the project

People in the Nanomedicine research group at the department of Clinical Science.

  • Principle Investigator: Professor Lars Herfindal (PhD).
  • Researcher Reidun Æsøy (PhD). Works with developing an anti-AML therapy from the natural compound iodinin.
  • PhD student Ronja Bjørnstad (MSc). Nanoformulations for improved anti-cancer therapy.
  • PhD student Edvin Tang Gundersen (MSc). Repurposing of drugs by nanoencapsulation.
  • PhD student Sarah Marie Furevik (MPharm). Zebrafish as a tool to study nanoparticle-cancer cell interaction.
  • Master student (pharmacy) Tuva Torblå Bakke. Liposomes to treat AML
  • Master student (pharmacy) Bendik Auran Rathe. Compounds from plants with anti-AML activity.

Previous group members:

  • Master student (pharmacy) Viola Lekve. Iodinin as a new agent for AML therapy
  • Master student Jan-Lukas Førde (Masterprogram in Nanoscience). Graphene nanoparticles to carry anti-cancer drugs.
  • Master student Kaja Skålnes Knudsen (Masterprogram in Nanoscience). Multifunctional liposomes to reduce cytostatic-induced cardiotoxicity.

Collaborators at the University of Bergen:

  • Prof. Aurora Martinez and Maite Bezem (PhD student). Nano-particle mediated delivery of enzymes in the brain.
  • Translational Hematology Cluster. Led by Profs. Gjertsen, Bruserud, McCormack and Døskeland, joins together haematological research at Univ. Bergen, with acute myeloid leukaemia as the main field of interest.

Collaborators in Norway:

  • Prof. Gareth Griffiths. University of Oslo. Test of nano-particle efficacy using a zebrafish cancer model.
  • Prof. Pål Rongved. University of Oslo. Chemical synthesis of natural compounds for nanonization.

International collaboration:

  •  Dr. Gillian Barratt, Institut Galién, Universisty of Paris-sud. Development of nano-carriers for anti-cancer drugs.



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