Monthly Archives: November 2014

Visit from Paris

Félix Sauvage is now visiting our lab. He has, together with Gillian Barratt and Juliette Vergnaud, developed a liposomal formulation of a novel Hsp90 inhibitor. The inhibitor turned out to be insoluble in aqueous solutions, but Félix managed to include the molecule in liposomal membrane. He has already proven its efficacy on prostate cancer cells, but is now testing on our leukaemia cell lines. He will also try to encapsulate his drug in liposomes coated with folate to enhance drug loading into cancer cells. His first experiments showed promising results, and we are looking forward to the continuation.

The image shows Félix and Erasmus student Anu at Sotra, an island west of Bergen, during a rainy and windy Saturday.